Adventure in Raised Beds, Pt. 1

I declare this the summer of George.  Er, Mo.

No, really, this is the year it all comes together.  Last year I redeemed my garage after lending it back to nature for a few years. This year, the rest of the yard comes along for the ride.  Along with the basement, the kitchen, and my waistline.

Maybe I’m being a little naive, but maybe I’m just predicting the best year ever.

Anyway, we’ve wanted raised gardening beds for awhile, and I’ve been slowly cleaning out the gross area behind the shed, so this seemed like a good first project.  My wife wanted me to build two simple boxes, but I’ve never met a simple project I couldn’t made more complicated.

I think she wanted something like this:


Instead, I decided to build this:


Here’s the plan I worked up in SketchUp:

raised bed

They’re about 8’x4′ and I plan on making two.  I bought all the wood for one tonight from Home Depot, and it came to $47.  It should be pretty straightforward to build.

Yeah, I know. Famous last words.  I but keep the faith.

Oh, and as a warm-up, I build a raised-raised bed for the #babychild.  He was pretty pumped:


I’ll let you know how the real thing goes.  Wish me luck!

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