Amazon’s Auto Refund Policy works!

money-fist[1]First of all, I need to preface this by saying that I don’t  work for Amazon.  This blog is not intended to be an Amazon fan blog.  It’s just … kind of turned out that way. I have some other posts in the pipeline that don’t involve Amazon, like a review of Google Inbox and our newly-purchased Roomba.

But, in the meantime, here’s a little more Amazon fanboy’ing.  I just received an automatic refund to my account b/c the price dropped on my Roomba about 3 weeks after i bought it.  I thought the policy was 1 week, but it’s clearly been raised.  This happened seamlessly, without me even knowing a price drop had occurred.  Cool, huh?

Here’s the email I received:


We’re writing to let you know that we recently offered a lower price on iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies. We’ve issued a refund of $29.01 on Order #xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxx. 

Refunds are applied to the payment method used for the original purchase and typically complete within 2 to 3 business days. Thanks for buying this from We’re happy we could offer you the additional discount.


Customer Service Department

Bad Online Shopping

website%20experience_113840470-thumb-380xauto-2487[1]Amazon works pretty well as an online merchant. There’s a reason they’ve become a competition-crushing behemoth (for better or worse).  Unfortunately, other online merchants often don’t seem to work as well, and more than once I’ve paid a slightly higher price to buy something from Amazon b/c I know what I’m dealing with.

Here are just a few recent ones crappy experiences I’ve had online at sites other than Amazon, in just the last month:

  • I ordered two clearance mugs from Crate and Barrel minutes after the deal became available.  The order went through and I received 2 different confirmation emails.  3 days later my order was inexplicably canceled (likely they screwed up on stock).
  • My wife ordered 4 coats from for a clothing drive our church is doing. Two of the coats were the wrong item (hideous denim shirts). She then drove to Sears and waited over an hour for them to sort out the mess.
  • I bit on a deal for cheap Keurig pods, but had to sign up for auto delivery.  It turns out you can’t cancel the autodelivery online like with Amazon. I forgot to call customer service and ended up with an unwanted refill a few months later (my fault) and had to call customer service just to cancel it. I  got the Comcast-style* hard sell to keep it, and the order still shows on my account as “deactivated.”

For what it’s worth, I have had good online experiences with other merchants, like Best Buy and Walmart.  Which is funny, because I always have miserable experiences at those places in-store.

The moral of the story is that I should probably stop spending money.

* PS: To be fair, I actually had a smooth experience cancelling my Comcast service a few years ago.